The Kappa Sigma fraternity recently unveiled a central location for all of its official logos. All of the official Kappa Sigma logos can now be found on the fraternity’s website.

Kappa Sigma wants its members to use the official logos to keep consistent branding throughout the entire fraternity. This helps Kappa Sigma distinguish itself from its fraternity rivals and clarifies what it is that Kappa Sigma offers that makes it the better choice. Think of what would happen if a Kappa Sigma chapter used a crest that was black and gold instead of scarlet and emerald green. People might confuse the fraternity with one of its less successful rivals.

By all measures, the fraternity’s branding strategy has been a huge success. Kappa Sigma is not only the fastest growing fraternity in the world, but it’s also the largest fraternity in the world with more than 230,000 living members (myself included). By using the official logos, fraternity members will help Kappa Sigma’s brand stay strong and cohesive.