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Real talk. Low, flat fees.

Trust Tree is a new type of trademark law firm, built from the ground up on the revolutionary concept that dealing with your lawyers doesn't have to be the worst part of your day.

Our Services

Your trademark is extremely valuable. You need to have a solid strategy for selecting and protecting it. If you are just starting out, you need to make sure you pick a business name that will have long-term value. If you've been in business for years, you need to make sure to maintain your trademark, and make sure no one is infringing it.

We offer every trademark service you could possibly need, all at low, flat fees. We know you are busy, so you can order many of our services online, at your convenience.

Trademark Search

If your trademark's worth it, you should search it.

Trademark Filing

You gotta protect your mark before you wreck your mark.

Trademark Disputes

Sometimes you gotta fight for your right to your trademark.

Trademark Prosecution

It's tricky to get a U.S. trademark registration on time.

Trademark Maintenance

Your trademark. You own it. You better never let it go.

Licenses and Assignments

Hey, must be the money you get from licensing.

Different strokes for different folks.

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to trademark strategy. We'll come up with an approach that fits your budget and needs, no matter what your situation.

<h4>Small Business Owners</h4>

Small Business Owners

<h4>Foreign Associates</h4>

Foreign Associates

<h4>Marketing Professionals</h4>

Marketing Professionals

<h4>In House Attorneys</h4>

In House Attorneys

Our Clients

You don't need to like your lawyers, but it's better if you do. If you like quality and value and don't take yourself too seriously, Trust Tree is your law firm. That's why, from Nashville to New Zealand, cool businesses of all sizes choose us to handle their trademark work. Some of them even have nice things to say about us!

These guys were awesome! We came to them in shambles, with multiple inadvertently expired (and past the grace period!) trademarks and an interloper trying to capture what we had lost. One of the Trust Tree partners, Randy Michels, took up the challenge, boxed out the competitive applicant and succeeded in getting all of our trademarks re-registered. From me, these guys get an A++ I'll use them forever . . .

Ken Meyers
Ken Meyers

I had a fantastic experience working with Bill Ferrell. He provided a free consultation, was very knowledgable about trademarks, and recommended AGAINST me registering. He essentially talked me out of spending money with him because it was unnecessary for my business. It's very rare to speak with a "salesperson" and receive such honest advice. He clearly values our relationship more than any one transaction. This is exactly why he will be my go to person for future trademark issues.

Eric Fritzen
Eric Fritzen

I had dozens of companies contacting me wanting to register my trademark with fees as high as 500 dollars. When I heard that Kevin's office was in Nashville rather than out of state, I became interested; but when I found out it would only be 250 for his company to do all the work (and then some), I couldn't say no because that actually saves me time and money. My trademark was registered today in a record 7 months. Great Job!

Gary Smith
Gary Smith

Our Team

We do great work. We aren't fancy. We have fun. One of us is a dog.

Here are the people who make Trust Tree a different type of law firm.

<a href="">Kevin Hartley</a>

Kevin Hartley

CEO, Trademark Attorney

<a href="">Randy Michels</a>

Randy Michels

Chief Client Care Officer, Trademark Attorney

<a href="">Rufus</a>


Unpaid Intern

<a href="">George Lifsey</a>

George Lifsey

Chief Financial Officer

<a href="">Bill Ferrell</a>

Bill Ferrell

COO, Trademark Attorney

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