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Uber Logo on Phone

Uber Logo Uber Alles

The Uber logo has changed again. This time, for the better. As you may remember, way back in 2016 Uber changed its "U" logo to a more "futuristic" design. The Internet, kind soul that it is, immediately noticed that when turned 90 degrees, the logo looked like a certain part of the human anatomy: https://gizmodo.com/ubers-new-logo-its-an-asshole-1756692669. It took Uber just two short years to come up with a new "cleaner" design. You may have noticed the change in the app icon design on your phone. The Old Uber Logo v. The New Uber Logo I like the new logo, but that's [...]
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Kappa Sigma Launches New Webpage For Official Logos

The Kappa Sigma fraternity recently unveiled a central location for all of its official logos. All of the official Kappa Sigma logos can now be found on the fraternity’s website. Kappa Sigma wants its members to use the official logos to keep consistent branding throughout the entire fraternity. This helps Kappa Sigma distinguish itself from its fraternity rivals and clarifies what it is that Kappa Sigma offers that makes it the better choice. Think of what would happen if a Kappa Sigma chapter used a crest that was black and gold instead of scarlet and emerald green. People might confuse the […]

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New Book Offers Deep Dive into Logo Design

Trademarks are a pretty rich subject. Proof: A Slate magazine article reports that famous graphic designer Jens Müller is releasing a book that traces the roots of modernist design influences on corporate logos. The book, Logo Modernism, includes a history of corporate logos and other logo-related essays. The main feature of the book is a beautiful catalogue of 6,000 modernist trademarks, which makes a convincing argument that implementing a clean, simple, aesthetic for your logo is still a good idea today. Plus, seeing logos as little works of art makes us proud to make our living protecting them. Logo Modernism is expected to be out next […]

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Boom Beach Logo Lesson

Our director of Accounting and Finance, George, recently got me into a mobile game called “Boom Beach.” Boom Beach is a combat strategy game set in fictional tropical islands. In the game, you build and develop your island base with troops, ships, defenses and other resources. You can attack evil “Blackguard” bases or other players near you. You can also organize a “Task Force” with your friends and coordinate attacks against Blackguard bases. I’m not a gamer by any means (I’m the sole reason our Task Force loses operations), but it has been a ton of fun playing. Boom Beach is made by Supercell, […]

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