Uber Logo Uber Alles

The Uber logo has changed again. This time, for the better. As you may remember, way back in 2016 Uber changed its “U” logo to a more “futuristic” design. The Internet, kind soul that it is, immediately noticed that when turned 90 degrees, the logo looked like a certain part of the human anatomy: https://gizmodo.com/ubers-new-logo-its-an-asshole-1756692669. It took Uber just two short years to come up with a new “cleaner” design. You may have noticed the change in the app icon design on your phone.

Old and New Uber logos
The Old Uber Logo v. The New Uber Logo

I like the new logo, but that’s not why I bring this up. I bring this up to point out that logos change a lot. Uber is on their fourth logo in years, which is not uncommon. Designs can become dated quickly. As a company grows, it may expand into new areas that require a different marketing strategy. You may not realize your logo stinks (or looks like something that stinks).

Yet, Uber is still Uber notwithstanding their many logo changes. So, if money is tight, you should try to protect your word trademark with a registration, not your logo. Word marks have no design elements and offer broader protection. And, they rarely change so you won’t constantly find yourself applying to register a new trademark.

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