Law Firm Launches Puppy Themed Website

Nashville-based trademark law firm, Trust Tree Legal, P.C., has launched a new website, totally rebranded with images of puppies. The website, which launched in mid-November, isn’t just about puppies, however.

The firm has grown rapidly since it was founded in 2015, and relies heavily on technology to serve its clients. The firm will file more than 600 trademark applications in 2017, and needed to update its website to accommodate the increasing demand. The website includes a robust learning center where anyone can learn about trademarks for free. It also allows clients to order trademark services online, a unique feature for a law firm.

“If you don’t like puppies, you probably won’t like us.”

Trust Tree Co-founder and trademark attorney, Bill Ferrell, who designed the website, said the decision to use puppies was an easy one. “I like puppies,” Ferrell said.

When asked if there was any concern that pictures of puppies might be too lighthearted for a law firm, Ferrell said, “As trademark lawyers, we help people create and protect powerful brands. How can people trust us with their branding decisions if we don’t practice what we preach?” “Plus,” Ferrell added, “If you don’t like puppies, you probably won’t like us.”