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Counterfeits: More Annoying than a Mosquito on a Summer Night

Boy, is it ever hot in Tennessee right now. And, the mosquitos are thriving. Like an annoying mosquito on a warm, summer night, counterfeit products are hard to squish. The most significant indicator of an authentic product is the ™ or ®. However, many large brands do not use trademark symbols on their products, believing it stifles the aesthetic of the design. By leaving these well-known and understood trademark symbols off products, brands open themselves up for fakes and frauds to take advantage. See if you can tell which items below are real and which are fake (answers at the [...]
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As Generic as Apple Pie

It’s Fourth of July Weekend! Or should I say, “Happy Birthday ‘Merica!” You probably already know you cannot register a generic term for a product or service. In other words, you cannot use a trademark registration to prevent others from using the term “apple pie” to refer to apple pie. But did you know that distinctive trademarks can become generic if they become too successful? Trademark owners can lose their rights if their trademarks become too commonly used. Have you ever had a headache and used ASPIRIN? Needed to go up a tall building and used the ESCALATOR? These marks, [...]
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Trust Tree Featured in Tennessee Bar Journal

Horn-tooting time! In a recent interview with The Tennessee Bar Journal, Trust Tree President Kevin Hartley reveals the secrets to the firm’s success. In the article, University of Tennessee School of Law Professor Benjamin Barton discusses how technology, branding, and innovation have helped the firm’s exponential growth since it’s founding in 2015. The article is included in a special issue of the journal and features several great articles dedicated to the future of the practice of the law. Check it out!

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Law Firm Launches Puppy Themed Website

Nashville-based trademark law firm, Trust Tree Legal, P.C., has launched a new website, totally rebranded with images of puppies. The website, which launched in mid-November, isn’t just about puppies, however. The firm has grown rapidly since it was founded in 2015, and relies heavily on technology to serve its clients. The firm will file more than 600 trademark applications in 2017, and needed to update its website to accommodate the increasing demand. The website includes a robust learning center where anyone can learn about trademarks for free. It also allows clients to order trademark services online, a unique feature for a law […]

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Trust Tree Legal Co-Founders Named IP Stars

Trust Tree Legal co-founders Randy Michels and Bill Ferrell have been ranked “IP Stars” among the nation’s intellectual property law attorneys. The “IP Stars” designation comes from Managing IP whose researchers conducted more than 1,000 interviews and surveys with peers and clients of attorneys in the United States to compile the rankings. Michels, Ferrell and Kevin Hartley are the co-founders of Trust Tree Legal, an online trademark services company that makes the federal trademark application process easy, convenient and affordable for individuals and companies. The trio has a combined 30 years of experience in trademark law, patent litigation and working […]

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