If you are from the South and ever leave your house, you’ve heard of Fireball. Fireball is a cinnamon flavored whiskey distilled by Sazerac. In addition to being a great drink to sneak into football games on cool, fall days, it’s also replaced Jägermeister as the go-to drink for your buddy who buys everyone shots when everyone’s already had too much to drink. The Fireball logo shows exactly how it makes you feel. But, it’s whiskey, so I like it.

Well, it appears that Sazerac is pretty protective of its Fireball trademark. It recently filed suit against a North Carolina brewery, claiming that its Fire Flask malt beverage infringed the Fireball trademark. You’ll need to make up your own mind on the question of infringement, because the courts won’t have the chance. According to The Spirits Busines, the suit has settled, with Fire Flask agreeing to change their label. Feel free to celebrate along with Sazerac with a drink or two of Fireball, like these brilliant folks who mounted a GoPro camera to a bottle on their wedding day: