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There are something like a bajillion articles on the interwebs about the Amazon Brand Registry. We decided to make the shortest one possible. Now, even the busiest Amazon seller can understand what’s required. Here’s the absolute bare minimum you need to know about the Amazon Brand Registry:

Who cares?

Only people who sell on Amazon should care about this.

WTF is it?

It’s a brand registration that Amazon runs. It’s the only practical way to protect your brand from scoundrels (like counterfeiters and infringers) on Amazon.

How do I do it?

Amazon requires that the trademark include letters or numbers. The trademark can include a design, but it can’t just be a design.

You need to register your trademark with the government, and descriptive trademarks won’t work. Even though descriptive trademarks can be registered on the Supplemental Register, that won’t work for Amazon. Your trademark will need to be registered on the Principal Register.

Again, you need to register the trademark, and you can’t do that if it’s taken.

The trademark registration process is long (it often takes a year or more) and is fraught with peril. We can help.

Clearly, there is a lot more to all of this. You can visit Amazon’s website for more detailed information.