Trademark Money Moves: Cardi B and Offset to Trademark Daughter’s Name

In July, Cardi B and Offset introduced their daughter Kulture Kiara Cephus to the world. In August, a company registered to Offset filed an application with the USPTO to register Kulture’s name as a trademark. The application seeks to protect the mark KULTURE KIARA CEPHUS for use related to clothing, entertainment services, and merchandise, among other things.

If Cardi and Offset want the application to mature into a registration, they better “Be Careful” because there is an extra requirement for a trademark application that identifies a living individual. In addition to the typical trademark filing requirements, an application for a trademark that identifies the name, nickname, portrait, or signature of a living individual must be accompanied by a written consent to registration of the trademark by the individual. When that individual is a minor, like baby Kulture, the consent must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Here, a written consent signed by Offset or Cardi was not submitted with the application for KULTURE KIARA CEPHUS. Therefore, the trademark office will request that an appropriate consent be filed before approving the trademark application for publication.

Nothing gets in our feelings around the Tree like babies and trademarks. Based on Cardi’s Instagram post singing baby Kulture a lullaby, we have no doubt the rap power couple will do whatever it takes to protect their daughter’s name.

I really don’t wanna go to the studio today ?

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