The Hunger Games: Trademark Victors

A million dollars isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? A billion dollars . . . and The Hunger Games film franchise has already grossed over $2 billion. That number is expected to increase dramatically after the final film premieres tomorrow.

You know what else is cool? Trademarks! And The Hunger Games is not starving for trademarks. In fact, the company that owns the franchises trademarks – District 12, LLC – is approaching 200 federally registered trademarks. Why so many trademarks? As we have discussed before, movie franchises are big business beyond film. There is tons of Hunger Games-related merchandise. Recently, it was announced that a Hunger Games-themed amusement park will be opening in Dubai. One of the best ways to protect all of the potential revenue streams is through the use of trademarks.

While most businesses don’t need hundreds of registered trademarks, everyone can learn from the example set by the Jennifer Lawrence blockbusters (based on the books by Suzanne Collins). Protect your intellectual property, and the odds will be ever in your favor!