Bolo You Didn’t: A Lawyer Says Goodbye to the Tie (Sort of)

Earlier today, I got word that an event I am attending on Saturday is, in the words of JT and Jay Z, a “Suit & Tie” affair. I feel the same way about ties that Sir Richard Branson does. One of my favorite things about life in the Tree of Trust is that ties are not required. Since leaving the big firm world behind, I have mostly left ties behind.

Until today. After learning that I would need to wear a tie this weekend, I decided it was time to embrace a different type of tie – the bolo tie. The bolo will always hold a special place in my heart. It was my grandpa’s go-to and will be mine moving forward. Of course, this proclamation led us to do what we do, examine the trademark history of the bolo.

And that led to a happy discovery. There are multiple entries for bolo ties in the Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual. So, if you represent a company looking to register a trademark for the official tie of Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas, there is entry just for you.

Now, enjoy the greatest dance scene in film history featuring a bolo tie.