Yesterday, Google, Inc. (or Alphabet, Inc.?) revealed the new “Google” logo to much excitement. The logo did not disappoint. Indeed, it appears to be a huge hit with branding experts. A huge hit that is not trademarked . . . for now.

To date, Google has not filed a trademark application to register the new logo. (Also, no word whether Alphabet will be the owner of future Google-related trademark applications.) This is surprising for multiple reasons:

One – According to Forbes, Google has the most valuable trademark, worth an estimated $44.3 billion.

Two – Google has over 70 pending or registered “Google”-related trademarks, including multiple registrations for its iconic, now retired, “Google” logo.

Don’t expect Google (or Alphabet) to wait too long before moving forward with filing an application (or applications) to protect the new logo. In the meantime, check out this video showing the evolution of the “Google” logo. And take note, even the company that owns the most valuable trademark in the world understands the need to keep evolving its intellectual property.