The Tony Awards provide a great reminder that now is the perfect time to protect your trademarks.

As the resident theatre nerd at Trust Tree, I love this time of year. Tony time. I also love any excuse to write about two of my favorites things in one post: trademarks and musicals.

You may not have realized that the Tony Awards are right around the corner (on June 7). The Tonys AKA The American Theatre Wing’s Antoinette Perry Awards for Excellence in Theatre started in 1947. The full name just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

The American Theatre Wing’s decision to use the shorter moniker for its awards has proven wise. And the American Theatre Wing wisely chose to protect its trademarks related to the Tony Awards, obtaining trademarks for “Tony” Awards, TONY AWARDS, and TONY.

Now, I am going to use some really bad wordplay to sell you on the importance of trademarks through videos of some of my favorite performances at the Tony Awards.

“I Believe” in the importance of trademarks.

They are worth their weight in “Gold.”

So, don’t wait “One Day More” to file your federal trademark application.

Because once you have a federally registered trademark, your business can “Defy(ing) Gravity.”