J.J. Watt Jumps and Reebok Pumps

A few weeks ago we wrote about Reebok bringing back its iconic Pump sneaker with the ZPump.

Monday morning, NFL star J.J. Watt and Reebok announced a new partnership. Monday afternoon, J.J. Watt and Reebok went viral with this video of the 6′ 5″, 290 pound Watt in his Reebok ZPumps completing a flat-footed box jump onto a middle-schooler . . . OK, a  5′ 1″ stack of pads. You get my point. Big man. Jump high.


After completing the record-breaking jump, Watt gave the Reebok brand a little CPR by pumping up his shoes and crediting his ZPumps for the fete.

Just what the doctor ordered for the pivoting brand and its parent company Adidas, which recently shifted Reebok’s focus to fitness and is hoping to regain past glory by bringing back the uber-successful Pump line. This appears to be a step jump in the right direction!