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Update- Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Wins Trademark Dispute

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how Sturgis Motorcycle Rally had sued Walmart and Rushmore Photo and Gifts for use of the "Sturgis" trademark. I also pointed out that I seemed to be writing a lot about motorcycle clubsĀ and trademarks. So, when I saw that a jury had reached a verdict in the case, I couldn't help but write another. Here's the update on the case, which is Part 4 in my ongoing series on bikers and trademarks. As I mentioned in my last post, Walmart and Rushmore argued that Sturgis' trademark was "geographically descriptive" and not entitled to [...]
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Motorcycle Gangs Hate Each Other, but Love Trademarks

The recent tiff between rival outlaw motorcycle clubs in and outside a Waco, Texas restaurant has brought biker culture to the forefront of the news cycle. Although it’s clear that these “one percenter” clubs may strongly disagree on control of territories, criminal activities, and codes of conduct, there is one thing nearly all the outlaw clubs agree on: the importance of trademark protection. As odd as it may seem, branding and the visual representation of a brand are critically important concepts in the world of outlaw motorcycle clubs. In fact, the names and insignia emblazoned on the patches of the […]

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