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As Generic as Apple Pie

It’s Fourth of July Weekend! Or should I say, “Happy Birthday ‘Merica!” You probably already know you cannot register a generic term for a product or service. In other words, you cannot use a trademark registration to prevent others from using the term “apple pie” to refer to apple pie. [...]
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Lego People are Trademarks Too

Everything is awesome at Lego today. The General Court of the European Union has upheld Lego’s trademark on the design of the little people that come with their brick sets. The trademark was being challenged by Lego competitor Best-Lock (the real news here is that there are Lego competitors). The court found that […]

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Trump Intends to Make America Great Again

The Daily Mail is reporting that Donald Trump has asserted trademark rights in the phrase “Make America Great Again” against fellow Republican Ted Cruz. According to the article, Cruz has agreed to not use the phrase. Trump told the Daily Mail that slogan “is my whole theme.” But here’s the thing: […]

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