Trademark Litigation

Trademark litigation is never pretty, and we’ll help you avoid it. We believe that your money is usually better spent on growing your business instead of attorneys fees. Sometimes, though, disputes are unavoidable. We’re ready to fight when you need us.

The attorneys at Trust Tree have many years of experience handling high-stakes intellectual property litigation cases. We know that the unpredictability, cost, and distraction of litigation can stress even the largest companies. We try to minimize the impact of litigation on your business and add some predictability to the otherwise chaotic world of litigation. Our extensive litigation experience and unique firm structure allows us to offer what very few attorneys can: flat fee litigation services. We’re so confident in our ability to minimize the cost of litigation, we’re willing to share in the risk of the cost overruns.

In our standard litigation fee arrangement, we set an overall cap on our fees for each case. We create an estimate for each phase of the litigation to prepare you for when expenses will likely occur. During the litigation, each task and its associated cost is approved by you before we undertake it. This allows us the ultimate flexibility in how we handle your case, but with no surprise charges on your bill.

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