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Whether you want to learn more about picking a name for your business, getting a federal trademark registration, or dealing with a trademark infringer, a Nashville trademark lawyer is here to help.

Trust Tree® was founded to bring every business the high quality trademark services usually reserved for top companies. We use technology and novel business processes to drive costs down without sacrificing quality.

We have clients all over the world.

Not in Nashville? Not a problem. Trademark law is a federal practice, so we have clients from coast to coast and all over the world. Although widely viewed as the new “It City”, our low cost of living here in Nashville allows us to provide high quality legal services at a lower price. So whether you are in New York or New Zealand, a Nashville trademark attorney at Trust Tree can help you out.

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Want to chat with an attorney? Please don’t be a stranger. We don’t charge for consultations. If you decide to hire us, you can count on getting our low, flat fees.

You can call, email, complete the form, or swing by. We’ve also created a Trademark Learning Center, so you can learn about trademarks on your own time.

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