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We are trademark lawyers. A good portion of the time when clients come to us, they have already picked out a name for their business. They’ve spent a ton of time coming up with a name for their new business or product. They fall in love with one particular name. They go to Legal Zoom or wherever and form an LLC with the name. They buy the domain name, fire up social media accounts, buy business cards, and tell everyone the name of their business. Then they come to us to get a trademark.

The problem is that most of the time, those names are really bad from a trademark protection perspective. Best case scenario, a bad trademark is just not protectable. Worst case scenario, a bad trademark can get you sued. We frequently need to tell people that they need to change the name, which is frustrating to say the least.

There are tons of articles about picking a business name and getting a trademark. In fact, we’ve blogged about trademark strategy for years now. These articles just aren’t long enough to cover the trademark process from start to finish, with the detail you need as small business owner to craft a solid trademark strategy.

So, we made this thing. We made for a pretty specific group of people: This is for small business owners and entrepreneurs

  • who don’t have a ton of money to spend
  • who don’t have a ton of time to fool around,
  • but don’t want to screw up their trademark.

The goal here is to keep you from screwing up your trademark by giving you a one-stop-shop to find the knowledge you need to make smart business decisions about your trademark strategy. It’s free and available online so you can read it whenever and wherever you want. It’s filled with tips on how to save money.

Let’s get started.